In collaboration with our landscape contractors, Instant Impact Group, we are transforming the Silverburn Community Garden into an educational hub about biodiversity and the circular economy.

Our Aim

Working together with Instant Impact Group we aim to take the under utilised garden and turn it into an educational hub to learn about biodiversity and the circular economy.

What to expect

There will be bird boxes as well as a bug hotel and wild flowers to feed pollinator species. We are encouraging wildlife to thrive in the new hub. Our composting stations and rainwater collection will allow us to use materials that would otherwise be discarded to implement back into our landscaping.

Educational signage will be in place and we hope to collaborate with local schools and organisations to help educate everyone in biodiversity, the circular economy and building more biodiverse spaces.

Where can I find more information?

If you are looking for more information on the Silverburn Eco Hub, please contact .

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